You Are a Writer

By: Jeff Goins

I’ve raved about Kindle Unlimited before and yet again, I find it yields a treasure trove of good non-fiction resources.  Jeff Goins has a massive following for his blog and I actually had no idea who he was, except that people on other podcasts would talk about him.  I tried to visit his website and was inundated with popups trying to sell me things.  I signed up for his email list and was immediately bombarded with high pressure sales crap to buy a seat at his nearly sold out seminar. I looked him up on Amazon and he has NEVER published a fiction work yet makes his living telling everyone to go out and write.

So far, I was NOT a fan.

But I did download his Manifesto (the reason I signed up to his email list, which drives me nuts because it is so spammy), and I LOVED it.  It’s very inspiring.  His resources page is great.  And his book was free on Kindle Unlimited.  So how could I go wrong?

I downloaded his book and then paid $1.99 to have an Audible of it and then played it at 1.5x speed to cruise through it. It’s very short, and I think it is a nice pep talk.  This is an updated edition of his book.

He shares about his personal insecurities and the way that his mindset changed and I liked hearing about it.  He draws on advice from someone I admire, Stephen Pressfield and talks about “turning pro” and feedback from Pressfield.  That was perhaps my favorite part.  There is nothing earthshattering in here.  Write every day.  Be ok with the fact that it isn’t good.  Eventually, you will find your author’s voice.

Also, he talks about his foray into nonfiction writing, the way he reached out to editors to seek publication of his pieces.  He discusses how to be persistent and when to back off.  It’s sensible and may be useful to those interested in magazine/epub type exposure.

If you are needing a little peptalk to keep you writing daily, this is a good one.

For me, this was worth the $1.99 on the Audible and it was definitely a good deal for my KU subscription.